Live Video Cam. Local time: 08:43
Our channel covers current events in a small region of the expanding Tengger Desert.

The region we are covering is about 60 sq meters and is denoted on the map to the right. Our news crew is on a mission to provide the public with the latest news from the area.
We are also providing an exclusive 24/7 video cam.

 Latest News

A crewman spots a snake, then realizes it was something else.

News crew completes a survey on local bird activity. Conclusion is uncompromising: there is no bird activity.

The hue of the sky has changed by an unprecedented 0.002%.

Still no rain.

Video Cam is bored, asks for vacation.

Several sand particles are dislodged by a weak breeze from the west.

A German citizen considers opening a cafe on the perimeter, then decides against it.