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Obscurity Portal is fiction delivered in the form of an encyclopedia. Follow a link and see where it leads!

Where to start

How does one read a book that has no beginning and no end?

Below you will find a list of currently available worlds. Choose anything that piques your interest and follow a link! In cases you would like a more guided experience, each world's main page has a section that suggests some starting points.

Please, keep in mind that this project is still in its early stages and is a WIP. If you would like to get involved, get in touch.


World Description
Ahldorae A third planet in the solar system Ephius, inhabited by a civilization with centuries of tumultuous history: kings, queens, swords and superhero warriors
The Deranged World of Bart Hufnagel A macrocosm revolving around a mysterious and somewhat over-the-top tech company CEO
Parallel Lines Meet A story about a brilliant scientist Patrice Eastaughffe who invented the Normal Portal and ushered humanity into the tourism of parallel worlds
The Tech Manual The one and only
Encyclopedia of Obscure Creations An assemblage of things the world knows nothing about


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