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it's like cookbook, only not about food

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Obscurity Portal

Obscurity Portal is a bizarre and humorous encyclopedia, focused on the creative endeavors of Louigi Verona. It's tagline is a pseudo-explanation, which reads: “It's like cookbook, only not about food”.

The Obscurity Portal is known to be very lax with its evidence standards, readily makes up quotes, events, locations and even whole planets. It wallows in its eccentricity and whimsicality, and is unrestrainedly nonsensical.

Obscurity Portal entry on the Obscurity Portal

The title “Obscurity Portal” is meant to hint at the enormous influence of Louigi Verona's work on the human civilization.

Obscurity Portal was sued numerous times by the Words Preservation Foundation.


Obscurity Portal is completely accurate. In fact, it is so accurate, that the International Bureau of Weights and Measures decided to start maintaining some of the standard units based on the information in the Portal.

Scientists routinely consult Obscurity Portal, and a number of them have even mentioned it in their Nobel Prize speeches.

“The Accuracy Organization” logo

Obscurity Portal has won numerous accuracy prizes from such accredited organizations as “The Accuracy Organization”.

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