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How to play

Your goal is to remove all blocks from the board and make as much score as you can.

There are only 5 rules to the game.

How to play

Rule 1.

Combine blocks of same value by first clicking on one, then on the other.

This will generate score equal to the value

How to play

Rule 2.

Combine blocks of different value.

This generates a block with a value equal to the difference.

How to play

Rule 3.

You can combine blocks horizontally or vertically.

You can go across empty spaces, but you are not allowed to jump over other blocks.

How to play

Rule 4.

Blocks with value "1" can jump around the board.

How to play

Rule 5.

When 10 blocks remain, the puzzle enters "end game phase".

Any block can now jump around the board.

Lone blocks can be removed by a double-click.

To avoid zooming on some devices, you can also click on the block and then click on the score.

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