You haven't seen shit
Your upgrades, sire
The Attic Stratosphere Earth's Orbit Deep Space
Appears at stage: 100 Appears at stage: 1M Appears at stage: 1T Appears at stage: 1Q

Celestial Job Center
Resume Recruiter Benefits

All-time Celestial Euros

Amount required till next €

Gumption Open 24/7
Batman and Duke Bartholomew permanently available from the start Job Center will show up from the start
Aristotle Lock Galileo Lock Newton Lock Einstein Lock
Mercury Venus Earth
Mars Jupiter Saturn
Uranus Neptune Pluto
Deep Space
Billions of Galaxies Verkrowulce Black Hole Pepsi

Unlocks Planets
1 10 100
1 10 100
Crater View of Earth
Does nothing. Like most craters do. Beautiful, but completely useless.
Earth's Orbit
Screws from the ISS Tardigrade Someone's Kettle Abandoned UFO

Unlocks the Moon
1 10 100
1 10 100
Airplane The Ozone Layer An Occasional Elephant The Stratosphere King
Every airplane increases the rate by 1 Does something useful

Every 10 elephants double the amount of airplanes Unlocks Celestial Job Center
1 10 100
1 10 100
Flying Brain
Conglomerate Ideas Maths Bad Potatoes
1 10 100
1 10 100
The Attic
Duke Bartholomew Batman Reluctance
Collects removed ceilings

Every ceiling adds +1 to the rate

Removes ceilings for you Unlocks Flying Brain