Louigi Verona's Workshop

I take creative interest in a variety of topics, primarily music, game design and critical thinking. Some highlights below.

Creator of project "droning", a decade-long ambient music project. Known for my numerous percussive ambient releases. I also do microhouse music, although my current audience for it is tiny. I could even say, micro.

Inventor of Perfectionist. Other notable games include Incremental Fortress, Machinery, a billion bananas and The Void.

Author of The Continent Chronicles, an unusual literature project in which fiction is written not in a form of a book, but in a form of an encyclopedia.

Author of the somewhat known Blockchain Q&A, which debunks pro-blockchain arguments.

Author of a book which provides a critical analysis of Richard Stallman's writings. I am a strong supporter of free software, but I disagree with Stallman's approach.

I went from being a deeply religious and New Age person to becoming a skeptic. In 2013-2015 I founded and led an international organization that promoted science and critical thinking. My current interests in the field of critical thinking mostly revolve around the myth of meritocracy and various aspects of wealth inequality.

"Louigi Verona's Workshop" is an active platform for all my work, so if you are interested in what I do, make sure to drop by from time to time. If you would like to support my work, I would definitely welcome that!

Louigi Verona.