Louigi Verona Workshop

29 Apr, 02017
I am now at Patreon! Patreon allows you to become the patron of my work and pledge any amount of money you like per release. But it also connects you with people who like long ambient tunes, gives access to back catalogue and behind-the-scenes material, early releases, participation in regular Google Hangouts, etc. It is a whole community we are building. Do join us!

13 Mar, 02017
Several projects added to mini projects.

30 Jan, 02017
Linux Audio: An overview.

17 Oct, 02016
1 minute of Disappointment: Trigger-rally.

07 Oct, 02016
"Patterns on a Silk Cloth Lit by the Morning Sun that Reflects off of a Newly Printed Map of Australia" released.

01 Oct, 02016
Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep video wins 1st place Animation at the Deadline 2016 demoparty.