Louigi Verona's Workshop


MicroWAD Collection

Small worlds

The idea of the MicroWAD Collection is to produce very short maps, which would be interesting to play and replay and focus not on size and number of monsters, but instead on clever design, simple ideas and dynamics. Most maps can be completed within 5 minutes.


A base with a room that has moving platforms in it.


A circular corridor around a room with imps and an arch-vile. As you shoot imps, arch-ville ressurects them. Your goal is to get inside, since this is where the key from the exit is.

Caged bridge

A pool of acid and a caged bridge across. Some enemies are teleporting away from you! What's their plan?


Simple map - 4 sectors, 4 monsters.

Zombie HQ

A very symmetrical map, populated by a regiment of zombies.