Louigi Verona's Workshop

Philosophical essays and critical analysis

Economics, Politics, History

The Dangers of Public Discourse
Why The Skeptical Movement Is Not Changing The World
The Oblivion Theorem


Boring Music and How to Make It Interesting (a video of a talk from Sonoj 2017)
About "droning"
Comments on "radiogram"

Free & open source software

On the justification of the four freedoms
Should Linux be called GNU/Linux instead?
Linux Adoption on the Desktop and the myth about Linux security
On Hobbyist Software (a video of a talk from LAC 2016)

Articles on various aspects of audio within the Linux operating system:

Linux Audio: An overview
Linux Audio 2012: Is Linux Audio moving forward?
Linux Audio Podcast
Linux Audio: Random house
Linux Audio: In what way modular approach is limiting
Linux Audio: The modular experience
Linux Audio: Din
Linux Audio: E-MU 0404 USB
A comment on TechRadar's "The best free music production software 2017"


My views became more nuanced since these writings. Nevertheless, I do still agree with a lot of things I've written here. It's just that the overall context has changed and my views on copyright became less radical. I am in favor of making copyright much shorter, in temporal terms. I am no longer convinced that copyright is completely wrong as a concept.

Why intellectual property is such a confusing concept
Answering criticism of the above article by Paul Davis
Debunking the famous "incentive argument"
Debunking the famous "reward argument"