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preserving rare and endagered web species!

This page is my personal collection of abandoned websites. Most of them were originally hosted on free web hosting, such as FortuneCity or GeoCities. In my Workshop they find a quiet harbor to spend their retirement, and perhaps discover a new life.

As time marches on, these old websites become more and more interesting. And seeing the frozen dates on their long abandoned pages speaks to my deep fascination with the forgotten. Today, many of them provide not only a glimpse into the lives of people who once ran them, but also a link to their respective time periods: how people designed websites, what they felt was a good subject for a website, that people actually had personal websites to begin with...

Although I try to preserve sites in their original form, I do make changes, such as remove advertisement scripts, which usually took up up to 60% of page code on those free hosting services, and fix broken links where it is appropriate. Some links are left dead for historical purposes.

Apart from working copies, I also include zip archives, so you can set up these sites on your own server if you want. Archives contain corrected versions only.

Massa KR: Mods for no masses

A very underground site, displaying tunes of Massa KR, a tracker musician who made noise music out of lo-fi samples. The site has been dead since 2000, while all released material dates back to 1998-1999. The site, however, can be an inspiration to some and also contains historically interesting links section, not to mention the great oldskool design.

"Massa KR" online copy

Programming Wisdom Center: A Refreshing Look at Software Development

A unique site, notoriously famous for occasionally firing up debates on the topic of OOP. Thorough analysis not only of OOP, but of software development in general, as well as related fields, makes this a very interesting and even valuable resource. All articles are written by B. Jacobs.
Previously hosted at geocities, after the closure of the service the site was luckily archived by reocities and now a clean copy has landed here.

"Programming Wisdom Center" online copy

Sam Samshuijzen

This is a site of a great musician, Sam Samshuijzen. He was an important and very much loved member of Modplug Central. This site is preserved in his memory.

"Sam Samshuijzen" online copy

Digger - Back and Digitally Remastered

Digger is a 1983 PC game, which was hugely popular. It's clever scoring system, addictive gameplay and great design captivate gamers even today. In 1998, Andrew Jenner created a Free Software version of the game called Digger Remastered, by reverse engineering the original game. It is available for AmigaOS, DOS, GNU/Linux, GP2X, Java, Mac OS X, MorphOS, RiscOS, Sega Dreamcast, Unix and Windows.

"Digger - Back and Digitally Remastered" online copy
digger.zip (19 Mb)