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selected mod music

"...module files are a family of music file formats originating from the MOD file format on Amiga systems used in late 1980s. Those who produce these files and listen to them, form the worldwide MOD scene..."

excerpt from wikipedia

Song Author Comment

Jeroen Tel

Mountain BreezeJeroen TelA grand, deeply emotional composition.

Nine Nine OneJeroen TelThis is a tune very well known in the scene. I think it deserves to be widely known outside of it too.

Pools of PoisonJeroen TelThe bassline from this one has been stuck with me for years. This is something I would humm to myself from time to time. You should try it yourself.


going underHunzA ballad.

magasin de jeuxHunzA skittish jazzy tune - playfullness at its finest.

PossumHunzAlways've been impressed with this one. Very atmospheric. Be sure to read story inside module. Best looped.

scotch and sandHunzThis one is good when looped too - classical chip tune structure.

the temple gatesHunzTriumphant and grand, this tune has a nice mix of eastern and western images planted into it.

Help me find?HunzClassical Hunz, I would say.

wrong way homeHunzThis one projects urban impressions on me, going in circles in a city.

send me drift'nHunzHunz was one of not so many musicians who actually put vocals into his songs - and did it with amazing quality and feeling.


~~~~~~~.gazela.TitoAmbientish breaks.

OriginTitoChillout with marimbas.

Vodka polkaTitoNot only this is a very cleverly written tune, it is also one of the few alcohol melodies that actually sound like alcohol! Best if looped.

the hippo strutTitoGroovy percussion, playful eastern melody. Yummy!

I can fly!TitoProbably most of my friends who did music back then wished they could write music like that. I think I still do %)

Gulp!TitoVery funny and well put together chip tune. Best when served looped (obviously!)


After HoursElwoodA really nice house tune. As far as I know it is one of Elwood's latest tracked works and it gravitates more towards the sound he has in his mp3 tunes.

DeadlockElwoodClassical Elwood. Most of his tunes remind me of music from such fantasy movies as "Neverending story", magical and moving.

ExperienceElwoodA mix of techno and chip sound.

Fall From SkyElwoodPossibly one of the most versatile and imaginative tunes by the man - great structure and wonderful leads. You can imagine this being a song with vocals.

Feats Of ValorElwoodAnother song-like tune. In fact, I once considered writing lyrics for this one. As difficult as it is to pick a fav out of these 15 superb tunes, this is most likely to top my list.

HomecomingElwoodNice romantic ballad.

Inferiority ComplexElwoodThis was always my least favourite, although I love the lead in the middle.

Into The ShadowElwoodI remember being blown out by this tune. Remember, it was important not only how good the music was, but how well it was made given the limited software possibilities.

Little ManElwoodIn the comments inside the file Elwood says he made this after a bad day at school. Probably left many people wondering whether someone had offended him. "Neverending story" does come to mind, doesn't it?"

Neutral ZoneElwoodNice thoughtful tune. Along with Inferiority Complex my least favourite.

One Fine Day...ElwoodA powerful ballad.

Shooting StarElwoodVery enjoyable tune and very clever too, not to mention it is simply beautiful. Be sure to play this with a proper xm player, some spoil the tuning of samples. VLC player could be a good choice, as well as Cubic Player if you are on GNU/Linux.

Sick On MondayElwoodFor some reason many sites showed this tune to be the most populat among listeners. I've found it to be nice, but not nicer than other tunes - simply another outstanding creation, that's all.

Sweet DreamsElwoodThe ease with which Elwood seems to write those leads, the mastery with which he treats sounds and creates such complex arrangements - all of this amazes. But the depth of music leaves noone indifferent. One of my fav and possibly the most moving tune ever created on our planet.

Unknown FutureElwoodNice techno tune. Always wondered where does the voice sample come from. The melody really carries you along.

Michal Wilczynski

An intimate slumberMichal WilczynskiThis composer is in my view one of the most elaborate melody writers of the MOD scene. While tunes by other composers entertain and occasionally amaze by their skill, Michal's compositions stand out as tunes which put you to quiet thought and seem to pass on something very intimate. His tunes are incredibly well written and he is one of my all time favourite composers.

Eternal travellersMichal WilczynskiEpic melody. Something in it tells a story and I can imagine a writer being inspired to write a novel, based on this.

Evolution 002 part2Michal WilczynskiObviously part of a bigger work, possibly an album. A lot of depth in this one.

Evolution 002 part3Michal Wilczynski3rd part of the series and the second Evolution tune of the only two in my possession. Rythmical, as opposed to beatless part 2. Same lead instrument, victorious, energetic melody.

Far and away, parts 1 & 2Michal WilczynskiThis is the tune which became a revelation to me and it is from this tune that I discovered Michal Wilczynski.

MicroworldMichal WilczynskiSomething scientific and futuristic in this tune. Actually, the way arrangements are made, many Michal's tunes remind of Jarre and Space, but melodically they are quite different. I think this tune shows that - I suspect Jarre would take a different direction here.


Pure InstinctQuazarReally good techno instrumental with a great melody.

reservoir dogsOrionThis is truly something magical. One of very few tunes to use voice samples. Later I heard the final version of this track, but it was much worse and the magic was absolutely gone, so I prefer this version.

PanoramavelvetChillout using various looped samples. Something more common these days, during tracker days it sounded awesome and unique, as it was generally closer to what you hear on the radio than most tracked tunes.