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The ultimate experience

One of the reason why I haven't completed many computer games is that for most of the time I would take much more pleasure in creating levels rather than actually playing. This hobby is usually self-contained and I care little about the actual output, it's all about enjoying creativity.

Doom, however, is a double exception.
First of all, I did complete both games and did so without any cheating. That includes Doom 2 last level with the face and the platforms - it turns out even this location does not need a password to beat and I got it easily, having died only once and nailing it on the next take.
Second, maps which I did for Doom turned out to be decent enough to show to other people. There was even a period when certain people from the Russian Doom community thought my maps to be among one of the best among Russian WAD authors, although I am confident that this has changed a long time ago, as many talented WAD architects emerge all the time.

Anyway, I have always enjoyed doing maps for vanilla Doom and made sure my maps operate normally under it. I still enjoy playing Vanilla Doom most, although I do respect all those ports and enhancements people work on.

Having moved to GNU/Linux, for a while I stopped doing maps, since usable map editors run only under Windows, but these days I am using a dual boot and actually returning to producing more wads. My main project right now is the long promised MicroWAD Collection. Find it below.
Apart from that, there are several levels I did not release yet, those include my first WAD ever called Moon Base (it's very fun to look at) and also Ocean Base 2, a direct sequel to Ocean Base which I very much enjoy.

So there are things to look forward to and if you do like the levels, promote this page to your friends as I would like get in touch with the Doom community a bit and perhaps contribute something.

MicroWAD Collection

A project to create a collection of short standalone levels, which can be completed within 5 minutes and yet provide challenge and high replayability.

Marble Zone

A very small map, close to recreating original Doom 2 atmosphere. My first wad worth releasing.

River City

River City is full of monsters. The heart of the city is the fortress which you have to capture. Lots of problems getting the keys, especially the red one. Be sure to explore the level - you can actually get to every place you see.

Ocean Base

I saw this level in a dream. This is a secret research base in the middle of an ocean. The security in here is very serious and the level is very dynamic. As every normal secret base it doesn't have any health power ups laying around on the floor so don't even bother searching. Enough ammo but not more than that. Very good for advanced players.

Open It!

Just a small level with lots of surprises and very tough locations. Good for people who are bored with levels where it's obvious what will happen.


This map is quite simple in architecture, but requires a lot of strategy - that means some things can be done easily if done at the right time and from the right corner ;)
If in the middle of the level you are surrounded by 234 imps and a couple of revenants, perhaps you've done something wrong... See txt file for details. Overall, I think it's a level fun to play. Search for some secrets too.


What I wanted to do in this wad was to create a realistic base. Not too realistic, of course, but realistic enough - without breathtaking locations that would probably never exist in a typical military base. What you have here is a secret base, hidden in the mountains and inside you see corridors, rooms and several acid pools. Normal, everyday stuff. Still, I found it to be a nice comeback, working on this wad in 2010-2011.