Louigi Verona's Workshop

I have started a great journey, the one I always wished to take but one I've failed to pursue before. My obstacles were concerns for listeners getting bored and being afraid to insult the institute of music.

Recently, though, I realized that boredom is nothing but an illusion of an unoccupied mind and the institute of music is a sphere of great borderlessness.

So if one is insulted by the music I present here, he can always pretend it is not music at all but rather cabbages, planted outside the sultan's garden and then sold for several bent coins which were later used to buy a cheap but well prepared meal, consisting of a soup and a tea and a couple of buns.

Without further word wasting, I thereby present to you my latest work, which comes under the name of Houseman. I am the Houseman and Houseman is how you can refer to me when faced with the repetitive.

The style is called Progressive house, which means that it progresses. It is up to you, the listener, to explore the progress and see for your own self what is meant by that rather widely and usually incorrectly used label.