Louigi Verona's Workshop

This work has won numerous awards, that is, if you consider 0 to be a number. Nevertheless, you are presented with RAQ.

Rarely Asked Questions

1. Are you imagining a tourist edition of the map?
No. It is a Geodetic map of Australia from the book series "Developments in Geotectonics".

2. Why did it have to be newly printed?
A mystery yet to be unraveled.

3. What are your views on the silk industry?
We would be nowhere without silkworms.

4. Why not imagine a lamp instead of a sun?
Sun is a lamp. 5th definition of the word "lamp" according to Dictionary.com is "a celestial body that gives off light".

5. Are the patterns symmetrical?
They have a touch of symmetry to them, but it is not perfect. Which is exactly what makes those patterns so mesmerizing.

6. Any comments on the Silk Road?
I find the Chang'an-Tianshan Corridor culturally appealing.


Performed and recorded live by Louigi Verona. Extensive sound repair by Necto Ulin.