Louigi Verona's Workshop


This is an 8 track Tape Loops software, designed best to mix music that requires perfect synchronization. It's main difference from Tape Loops 1 is that it has a loop synchronizer but lacks aleatoric functions such as randomplay and clustering.

Download Tape Loops 8 (beta)

Note: Tape Loops 8 development is dropped. This software is usable, but it is also very basic. Somewhere I have source code, but I doubt it has any value. For a better experience of synced loops search on the Internet for a software called Mixere.

Tape Loops 8 is in public beta. It is absolutely suitable for use and only lacks additional features which I think are necessary for better experience - fade in and fade out of loops, recording, special play modes so that a loop can mute and unmute itself when you don't want the sound to play every bar but rather once two bars, etc.

Warning: Record button doesn't do anything yet! Implementing recording has been a major demand so far, but it turned out to be rather tricky to programm - you got to take handle of buffering and all that stuff which I am still not very good with, so I am studying this.



Track 1 is the synchronizer. That means that all other tracks are synchronized to it. Once the first track is playing and you have the loop loaded into, say, track 2, you press "C". When track 1 reaches position 0, track 2 will start playing as well. Thus having loops with identical tempos you can have perfect synchronization.