Louigi Verona's Workshop

Funny and serious, playful and thought-provoking.

Entropy is a website dedicated to bringing 24/7 live updates about the state of entropy to the public.


The Vacuum Gallery is a very special gallery of art.

International Ignorance Day is a website the goal of which is to promote and celebrate a new international holiday.

Storyteller is a phantom game, the point of which is to find what the rule of the game is. Typically, the rule of a phantom game is somewhat silly, but without knowing it the game looks incredibly complex.

This phantom game is made in the form of a text adventure.


The Observer is a story that is told in the style of interactive fiction, but with random decisions made for the reader, and with every storyline always ending in the violent death of the protagonist.

The Observer

Desolate News Channel is a news channel that covers current events in a desert.

Non-Random Number Generator. We all take advantage of random number generators. But I thought that the world needs a non-random number generator. So, here it is.

Mage Emulator is an emulator of the most powerful chess engine in the Universe that I call "Mage". It can compare over 10120 board variants to effectively solve chess.

Mage Emulator

Number Generator Puzzle is a puzzle where the player has to be able to correctly predict the next generated number by understanding the underlying rule.

Robots and Maze is a project about generating mazes and then seeing how well robots with various solving algorithms solve those mazes.

Maze Workshop is another maze related project, made to create simple mazes for print.

Maze Workshop

Read-only Text Editor is a read-only text editor.

Afterlife is an eye-opening experience.


ro is a geek culture reference site.


Ed Editor is a conceptual text editor that allows you to use only a limited set of words.

Ed Editor

Cosmic Bank of Knowledge service allows you to send ideas to the Cosmic Bank of Knowledge and gives exclusive statistics on the amount of useful data it actually contains.

Loader is an exceptionally useful program that constantly loads something - it reads stuff from memory, creates temporary folders, flushes them, updates something, installs kernel functions and all that other technobabble. Of course, in reality it doesn't do anything, but the display of busyness is incredible. Moreover, you can start several of them and each instance will have a slightly different size and color, so you can imitate your computer being absolutely full of CPU consuming tasks. Useful for IT Ops people as an excuse to go drink coffee.

There are two versions of the program: