Welcome to the world's most accurate programmatic nanobot petri dish simulator.

Developed by Berlin's Institute of Antics in 2023, the model features an ultra-realistic impression of what a human would see if presented with a petri dish containing a colony of nanobots.

The sophisticated model presented to the public allows to add two competing species of nanobot, allowing for a potential armed conflict between the groups.

Estimated amount of nanobots
Temperature in the colony
Control Panel

Please keep in mind that adding too many nanobots at once may create undue stress for the colony

Adding too much food might disbalance the colony, adding too few might starve it

In some cases tribes develop a non-adversarial relationship

It's an RNG-based module that lures in some nanobots and trains them to play the machine for a reward until they starve themselves. Adding too many, however, might make the colony immune


I don't see anything in the petri dish, although the readout says there are thousands and thousands of nanobots!

The nanobots are too small to be seen by the human eye

When I add fuel pellets, I don't see anything being added to the petri dish

This is because the pellets are too small to be seen by the human eye

Is the gambling device also too small to be seen by the human eye?


What do the nanobots use to fight amongst each other?

Normally, fuel pellets are used as projectiles. A fuel pellet smashed into a nano bot at full speed will essentially break it into pieces. It's also theorized that some nanobots are capable of getting into fist fights.

No matter what I'm doing, the amount of nanobots in the colony seems to be decreasing!

Nanobots are modelled to be highly educated. They thus tend to have fewer children.

What does "MoE" stand for?

Margin of error

Is MoE of 99% bad?

It essentially means that the number of bots is presented with a high level of uncertainty. It could be 5.03k or it could be a 0. Who knows? You can't see the damn things