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Incremental Fortress

If you're seeing this, you must have tried to load either a broken or an incompatible save.

In order to reset the game, please google on how to access Local Storage of your browser and delete the save called incremental_fortress0.5

For Chrome, see here:

For Firefox, see here:


Buy 50 Succubi to unlock
Buy 50 Grandliches to unlock
Double fortified warlocks to unlock
Hall of Giants
Double fortified wizards to unlock

Double fortified humans to unlock

Wicked Quests
66 Wizards
66 Warlocks
66 Witches
66 Wyverns
Tower of Dragons

Tower of Metals

Hire 10 Blacksmiths to unlock
Tower of Mortals

Hire 10 Ogres to unlock
Tower of Mages

Hire 10 Wyverns to unlock
Tower of Machines
Hire 13 Dwarves to unlock
Wine Cellar
Outer Wall
Guards of the Outer Wall: