A hardcore puzzle

Perfectionist is a puzzle with very simple rules, but extremely deep gameplay.

The goal of the game is to clear the board of all blocks, and do it as efficiently as possible. Perfectionist is a rare example of an optimization puzzle.

There are 5 rules.

Rule 1.

Combine blocks of same value by first clicking on one, then on the other.

This removes blocks with no loss of score.

Rule 2.

Combine blocks of different value.

This subtracts blocks with loss of score. In the example above, the score of 3 is lost.

The result does not depend on the order in which you combine the blocks.

Rule 3.

You can combine blocks horizontally or vertically.

You can go across empty spaces, but you are not allowed to jump over other blocks.

Rule 4.

Blocks with value "1" can jump around the board.

Rule 5.

When 10 blocks remain, the puzzle enters "endgame phase".

Any block can now jump around the board. If just one block remains, it can be removed by a tap as soon as it becomes highlighted.

Additional notes: