"When you explode very bad, you are far too clumsy." - Oswald Rubberevich
We promote IWGH in the World Wide Web. We all want to go home and it is our belief that every person should have the right to Wanna Go Home. The goal of our group is to make IWGH a new web standard, an acronym that can serve every bored employee with internet access.

Welcome to the IWGH Promotion Group website

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If you are a bored employee sitting behind their desk with a desperate thought how great it would be to just go home (or anywhere else), you have found the right place. Here you will find the best acronym for you:


This acronym stands for I Wanna Go Home and it is the base concept of our organization. We firmly stand on the viewpoint that every person in the world has the right to say IWGH whenever possible. The acronym is a way to make this easier, more convenient and as universal as possible.

So, if by any chance you WGH, feel more than welcome to explore the site and join the group!