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Mount Louigi

An image of some other mountain, but who cares

Mount Louigi (also referenced as Mountain Louigi, Mt. Louigi, Mt.Lg) is a fictional mountain, believed to have originated somewhen in 2017 in various conversations. Featured in a number of unwritten novels, Mount Louigi is frequently depicted as having a sharp peak, located in a sparsely inhabited area, and is a natural one-way maze: its summit is surprisingly easy to reach, but finding a way back is a challenge that has claimed lives.


Mount Louigi probably originated in conversations between various people somewhere at the end of 2017.

Olven believes that initially Mount Louigi was more like a misunderstanding, but “it quickly grew into an epic about people and animals”.

Early on, the location of the mountain was thought to be somewhere in North America, but this notion has since been disputed by Louigi Verona.

A number of unwritten novels have made Mount Louigi a prominent feature of the stories. In one of the novelettes a brave utuka Naels finds a wounded deer on the side of Mount Louigi and carries it back to the village at the foot of the mountain. Naels is praised as a hero, and the deer is feasted on by the villagers.

Mount Louigi is similar to an object featured in the logo of the famous Paramount Pictures.

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