Louigi Verona's Workshop

18 May, 2024
Sisyphean Test has been published.

22 November, 2023
The first milestone of my Centurial Calendar has been reached! Also, the Dragonfly mission was moved from 2026 to 2027.

12 October, 2023
Entropic Discs have been released.

04 September, 2023
Nanobot Petri Dish Simulator has been released. I also finally listed Tile Quest. I made it back in 2022. I'm likely to work more on it at some point.

29 August, 2023
The Demigod games series has been released.

17 August, 2023
Incremental Fortress has been released. It's a deep and expansive incremental game and my biggest one to date.

02 January, 2023
Interdimensional Rings has been published.

29 October, 2022
Finally listed Cardinal's Dice on the site. It was made a long time ago as an experiment, but this draft is totally playable.

14 October, 2022
A remake of SAMPTIC has been released. The game is largely the same, but with significant quality of life features, including finally explaining how to play the game 😆

8 October, 2022
A remake of a billion bananas has been released. The game is largely the same, but with significant quality of life features, improved math and additional content.

21 September, 2022
A new Berlin is Quiet release, Delta.

10 September, 2022
Journeys on Google Earth has been released.

6 September, 2022
Machinery 0.99.5 has been released.

24 August, 2022
Memorial has been released.

15 August, 2022
New version of Riskline has been released. Tweaks to the balance, improved UI.

11 June, 2022
Trailblazer has been released, featuring my latest and probably best to date percussive ambient.

19 March, 2022
Perfect Numbers has been published - a pencil and paper game, featuring deception, predictions and zero knowledge proofs

23 January, 2022
Stable version of Machinery has been released.

28 November, 2021
Holding Pattern, a Berlin is Quiet release. Controlled ultra lows, constantly shifting rhythmical patterns and urban chord stabs.

11 November, 2021
Solar Cycle has been released. For many years I wanted to start making sequence-based tracks, the genre of ambient known as "Berlin school". This album is the result of my first explorations.

30 September, 2021
The very first The Continent Chronicles video has been officially released.

5 September, 2020
A Boring Evening at a Wine Parlour released. In fact, be sure to check some of the other Berlin is Quiet releases, since I don't always announce them here.

12 August, 2021
Conscious Living has been released. This album was written for a performance at DEF CON 29. See the recording of the performance here.

6 July, 2021
Riskline has been finally ported to the web. Very happy, since now it is much more accessible! Try it out, folks.

1 July, 2021
An article on phantom games, games where the player needs to figure out the rules. Comes with examples. I also walk you through designing a basic phantom game.

21 June, 2021
The Marbon Puzzle, where you need to figure out the rules.

12 June, 2021
The Vacuum Gallery is now open to the public.

14 March, 2021
Extensive work on The Continent Chronicles for the past few months. The plan is to have the project be presentable by the end of the year. This is the first time I am even mentioning it in the news feed.

27 January, 2021
project "droning" has reached 300 tunes, which is a great milestone on which to finish it. No worries, I will continue producing ambient music. It's just that it will be in the more usual form of albums, as opposed to long monotone tunes that the project was originally designed to be.

19 December, 2020
Non-Random Number Generator is now available to the public.

10 December, 2020
Mage Emulator is finally online. Check it out, you won't regret it!

09 December, 2020
How luck arises in skill-based competitions.

24 November, 2020
Arithmetical Tennis, a game that can be played with no equipment.

8 November, 2020
Northern Lights released on Bandcamp, a collaboration with Scott Lawlor.

1 November, 2020
Halley's Comet released on Bandcamp.

18 October, 2020
A Tree in the Wind released on Bandcamp.

1 October, 2020
The methodology of ambient, a quick reference for ambient artists.

29 September, 2020
Slow Light released.

8 August, 2020
Sunset released, a collection of three drones.

22 July, 2020
Why Behavioral Interviews Are Difficult To Master

28 June, 2020
Vision Quest released.

16 June, 2020
Berlin is Quiet has been officially established.

25 May, 2020
Become Pope, a small incremental game.

20 May, 2020
Moons of Neptune released.

12 May, 2020
Sacred Mountains released.

5 May, 2020
My interview on the Outlets of the Sky podcast: the challenges and the rewards of writing electronic music

2 May, 2020
Pale Blue Dot released.

28 Apr, 2020
a billion bananas, a small incremental game made in 48 hours.

19 Apr, 2020
Gulf Stream, Suspended in Time and Clouds Drifting released.

4 Apr, 2020
After further development, SAMPTIC is moved to games.

22 Mar, 2020
SAMPTIC added to mini-projects.

16 Mar, 2020
Origins released.

14 Mar, 2020
International Ignorance Day added to mini-projects.

8 Mar, 2020
Forgotten Maps released.

Jan, 2020
National stereotypes are bullshit. Seriously.

24 Nov, 2019
The Void has seen a massive update: the game state is now automatically saved, so you can close the tab and resume later; the sound system has been reworked, the tab displays the timer, and the ending has seen a conceptual overhaul.

27 Aug, 2019
Nocturnal Creatures released.

18 Aug, 2019
Entropy added to mini-projects.

04 Aug, 2019
berlin songbook vol.2 is officially announced!

21 Jul, 2019
Started my centurial calendar.

18 May, 2019
Phantom 100 is released. This finally concludes my 2 year mission to complete and release all games started with Game Editor, a 2D game framework which is, unfortunately, no longer maintained. Phantom 100 also marks the introduction of a class of phantom games that I am going to be working on for years to come.

05 May, 2019
The Perfectionist Portal is online. Not really a portal at the moment, but all the Perfectionist info is now going to published there.

30 Apr, 2019
The new Perfectionist app has been released, replacing the old one. A roadmap for next steps is being developed.

23 Mar, 2019
Perfectionist updates: the score is now saved on the server, setting a bar for all the players. The client has been significantly revamped as well. The project is now in active development.

10 Mar, 2019
15 Orbs of Voltor released, a unique 2D maze game for Windows and Linux.

17 Feb, 2019
First Continent released, my foray into ambient tribal music.

04 Feb, 2019
A new mini-project added, The Void: a crossover between a game and a strange art installation. Your goal is to advance in rank by... waiting. But there is a catch!

20 Jan, 2019
A new step in the evolution of project "droning": all tracks have been remastered, each track has been given a title, all mp3s and flacs have been updated with correct metadata.

30 Dec, 2018
Massive updates to Blockchain Q&A since it was first published. Now covering over 30 common arguments.

09 Dec, 2018
Ambient channel will now have regular Live Streams. Subscribe!

01 Dec, 2018
New games added: Dust Quest and RiskLine.

15 Nov, 2018
Verteron Controller Factory, a unique non-infinite idle game, has been significantly upgraded, including UI, new upgrades and significant improvements of gameplay balance.

16 Sep, 2018
I am going to be attending Sonoj 2018 in Cologne, which runs through 27-28th October. Available for conversations, debates and coops. Will play a minimal house DJ set on the eve of the 27th.

16 Jul, 2018
Why it is ok to criticize FLOSS

09 Jul, 2018
First edition of Blockchain Q&A is published

26 Jun, 2018
Louigi Verona Workshop now has a dedicated Discord server. Join here.

10 Mar, 2018
A short story Barren Coast

25 Feb, 2018
The Dangers of Public Discourse

29 Nov, 2017
A treatise that I have worked on for more than a year is finally released: On the justification of the four freedoms

22 Nov, 2017
Why The Skeptical Movement Is Not Changing The World

1 Oct, 2017
Should Linux be called GNU/Linux instead?

29 Apr, 2017
I am now at Patreon! Patreon allows you to become the patron of my work and pledge any amount of money you like per release. But it also connects you with people who like long ambient tunes, gives access to back catalogue and behind-the-scenes material, early releases, participation in regular Google Hangouts, etc. It is a whole community we are building. Do join us!

13 Mar, 2017
Several projects added to mini projects.

30 Jan, 2017
Linux Audio: An overview.

17 Oct, 2016
1 minute of Disappointment: Trigger-rally.

07 Oct, 02016
"Patterns on a Silk Cloth Lit by the Morning Sun that Reflects off of a Newly Printed Map of Australia" released.

01 Oct, 02016
Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep video wins 1st place Animation at the Deadline 2016 demoparty.

24 Aug, 02016
"droning" project: 2 new recordings added. If you would like to support the project, consider buying one of the releases at Bandcamp.

07 Aug, 02016
Bad arguments for software freedom was published in July, today I have made additions to the post.

12 Jul, 02016
Quick update, so that it does not seem nothing is happening: "Landscapes From Above album published, "droning" flac releases continue fairly regularly, I am now working on a very large in-depth analysis of the free software philosophy, as laid out by Richard Stallman, which should explain no Bad Geek releases for quite a while now.

15 May, 02016
Cryptodome, a new ambient drone album is released on Bandcamp.

25 Apr, 02016
For the first time I am officially announcing the start of a video project "Bad Geek". The project is dedicated to making humorous reviews of all things possible, currently of Linux software and games. I will also do letsplays of obscure and very geeky games. Subscribe to the channel and help promote the channel among your friends!

26 Feb, 02016
I am proud to announce a project "droning" release with Cold Fiction label.

20 Feb, 02016
Tranquility is released. Original release in 2010.

13 Feb, 02016
Life Inside Machine is finally released, after an originally quiet release in 2011.

11 Jan, 02016
"droning" project: 6 new recordings added. If you would like to support the project, consider buying one of the releases at Bandcamp.

30 Dec, 02015
Website was renewed, unworking links either fixed or removed. My music catalogue, which was in considerable disarray, is now being put back together on Bandcamp and plugged back into the site.

24 Dec, 02015
"droning" project: 5 new recordings added. If you would like to support the project, consider buying one of the releases at Bandcamp.

01 Dec, 02015
Dear visitors of Louigi Verona Workshop! Since today my musical catalogue is temporarily unavailable as I am moving it to a new hosting service. I am hoping to get it all back up within a week or two. In order to get notified, please subscribe to my rss feed.

21 Nov, 02015
I will be giving a lecture on electronic music, linux and giving a demo of my workflow at Linux Audio Meeting in Cologne, 25th November 2015.

17 Nov, 02015
Dear friends! Website is back up. Please, change your bookmarks to louigiverona.com - and welcome!

25 Dec, 02014
Wrenchman game officially released. Merry XMas everyone!

30 May, 02014
Louigi Verona workshop at LAC: project droning video available.

08 May, 02014
"droning" project: 8 new recordings added.

14 November, 02013
Had an interview with me published at zthmusic a couple of weeks ago, read it here: http://www.zthmusic.com/louigi-verona/

25 September, 02013
"droning" project: 14 new recordings added. The number 14 does not carry any special meaning, folks, seriously :)

2 July, 02013

Linux Audio podcast, episode 001. Comparing my older tune to Linux Audio today.

31 May, 02013

"droning" project: 14 new recordings added.

23 May, 02013

Another Reality LP is released, an electronic music album made with modular Linux setup.

24 February, 02013

Update: what I am up to these days.

10 January, 02013

Linux Audio podcast January 2013.

26 December, 02012

"droning" project has reached 200!

21 December, 02012

MicroWAD Collection has 5 maps now so it is probably okay to announce it. The idea of the MicroWAD Collection is to produce very short maps, which would be interesting to play and replay and focus not on size and number of monsters, but instead on clever design, simple ideas and dynamics. Most maps can be completed within 5 minutes.

20 December, 02012

Duh! Tutorials: How to pick up the ball.

28 November, 02012

"droning" project update: 23 new recordings available: droning170 - droning192.

6 November, 02012

Linux Audio: A #linuxaudio hashtag is now active at Diaspora*

23 October, 02012

"droning" project update: 11 new recordings available. Big thanks to my friend Ulin, who helped me clean up recording artefacts in droning159.

10 October, 02012

Linux Audio 2012: Is Linux Audio moving forward?

18 September, 02012

A great Richard Dawkins lecture with illuminating demonstrations.

7 September, 02012

The Oblivion Theorem is suggested.

2 August, 02012

"droning" project update: 8 new recordings available.

22 July, 02012

15 Orbs of Votsor is released, a hardcore maze game for Linux, Mac and Windows.

16 July, 02012

Copyright: Debunking the famous "incentive argument".

11 July, 02012

Louigi Verona Workshop now has a textboard forum! A textboard is a simple kind of internet forum that does not require registration.

27 June, 02012

New QT Bitcoin client released.

27 June, 02012

CreepTD - a multiplayer tower defense game.

23 June, 02012

Copyright: Debunking the famous "reward argument".

22 June, 02012

droning098 video released.

22 June, 02012

Random house post is updated with a patch by Cody Loyd who realized the idea with Pure Data.
Nice stuff!

21 June, 02012

droning010 video released.

21 June, 02012

Watching M*A*S*H.

20 June, 02012

anonfiles.com - an elegant file upload service.

20 June, 02012

A quick patch to Maze: The Elephant Challenge is released, allowing one to save their progress not only on exit, but anytime by pressing S. Re-download to get the patched version.

19 June, 02012

An interview with Professor Hoppe on his new book "The Competition of Crooks".

19 June, 02012

louigiverona.com was offline for two days due to the hosting service moving to a new location.

16 June, 02012

Maze: The Elephant Challenge is released, a desktop game for Linux, Mac and Windows.

14 May, 02012

Linux Audio: Random house - possible!

18 April, 02012

Linux Audio: Giada - looper for live performances.

11 April, 02012

Bad lessons of history - do we really learn?

4 April, 02012

My Austrian Economics Quest.

2 April, 02012

Underrated NES game: Rollergames.

26 March, 02012

Human Action - a treatise on praxeology by Mises and a bit about my austrian economics studies.

3 March, 02012

Tribler and RetroShare - some decentralized filesharing solutions.

13 February, 02012

Critique of people and systems - an article on a key concept I use to analyze political, economic and social situations.

8 February, 02012

"droning" project update: 14 new recordings available.

1 February, 02012

Since today I am a student of the Mises Academy.

13 January, 02011

MidiLoops released - an aleatoric midi sequencer written with Pure Data.

12 January, 02012

"droning" project update: 11 new recordings available.

22 December, 02011

Pure Data section update: Quark sequencer ver. 2 and Tape Loops Pd released.

11 December, 02011

"droning" project update: 5 new recordings available.

24 November, 02011

I have updated my page on copyright and related matters.

14 November, 02011

Printing and Scanning

1 November, 02010

Updated webarchive project with two great sites: Moon Base Clavius and Digger Remastered.

17 October, 02011

Playing Digger on Linux!

15 October, 02011

The expanding Maze Collection is now open to the public. High quality mazes, ready for print. No silly artwork, just you and the passages! You are encouraged to distribute those in either digital or printed form among your friends.

13 October, 02011

Utilitarian attitudes.

12 October, 02011

Zyn Presets library was updated with a few presets. It has also been brought to my attention that the need for automated uploads is already there, along with the ability to download all presets in one archive. Will think about organizing automated uploads, as for the archive, it is now available. Enjoy!

10 October, 02011

For those who don't know, I am a huge fan of mazes. I have drawn mazes throughout school and even engage in this activity today. Recently I made a breakthrough into the digital realm by starting a web project, dedicated to mazes. Presenting, Robots and Maze, a project about generating mazes and then seeing how robots with various solving algorithms progress through those mazes.

17 September, 02011

Finally got to publishing Slow Thought, a series of comic strips. I do plan to do new ones from time to time.

15 September, 02011

Linux Audio: harmonySEQ. A new era of live sequencing.

15 September, 02011

Star Trek TNG: Silicon Avatar commentary.

14 September, 02011

For those of you who had problems with rss from louigiverona.com, I had updated it with publication dates, so now rss readers that expected this parameter will work fine with the feed!

9 September, 02011

I am now in the middle of working on an album of acid music, ranging from trance and house to breaks and pop sound, all flavoured with the majestic Nekobee. My ambition is to create the most elaborate electronic music album done on Linux using common apps, as opposed to Pure Data and such.
Allow me to present a single from this album entitled Elementary Waves, which should give some indication of how the album might sound.
Elementary Waves at SoundCloud.

27 July, 02011

ambient radio update: several more hours of music added. At this moment it is difficult to say what the exact playtime of the whole collection is, somewhere around 30 hours.

27 July, 02011

Underrated NES game: Karate Champ: when fighting genre had no life meters.

27 July, 02011

"droning" project update: 56 recordings available.

24 July, 02011

Louigi Verona Workshop now accepts bitcoin donations.

11 July, 02011

A unique digital art gallery is opened to visitors!

6 July, 02011

Quark is released - an aleatoric midi sequencer made with Pure Data.

5 May, 02011

Galaxies Mini is released - a version with a smaller screen size.

29 April, 02011

Finally revised and wrote out in a more structured manner an answer to Paul Davis' criticism of my article on intellectual property.

25 April, 02011

"droning" project launched. "droning" is an ongoing project to produce a great number of drone recordings of praiseworthy duration and extreme static nature, at the same time providing no context and allowing the listener to use his own context - experience, expectations, state of mind - to define the value of the project for himself.

17 April, 02011

Added "Ambient FAQ: What I answer to questions on ambient." to the music theory section.

30 March, 02011

Linux Audio: A setup for live performances. A detailed description of my working live performance setup along with screenshots and audio examples.

15 February, 02011

Several tunes made with din.

9 February, 02011

Linux Audio: Din. There is no escape from Linux Audio is there...

14 January, 02011

ambient radio is now available. It is a randomized playlist of my ambient tunes and at the moment features 17 hours of music. I am planning to expand the playlist extensively and have already started several projects specifically for the ambient radio. Stay tuned!

10 December, 02010

4x4x4 Rubik's Revenge - simple edge pairing method.

9 December, 02010

Galaxies 1.3 is released with the addition of a major feature called "purple life" and several small updates. Based on Conway's Game of Life, Galaxies is an application which is best for observation, thought and aesthetic pleasure. The program features a 40 minute soundtrack and is available for GNU/Linux, MacOS and Windows.

4 December, 02010

Why I don't buy licensed DVDs.

1 December, 02010

Galaxies 1.2 is released with several new features.

29 November, 02010

Small World - board games which are here to stay.

27 November, 02010

Ubuntu 10.04 - first and second impressions.

9 November, 02010

Published works which were previously unavailable to visitors of my site. A Hay In The Needle: Deep Chill Collection, is a compilation of tunes written in 2006-2008. Physics is one of my first ambient works which was made as performance in real time, recorded in 2008.

3 November, 02010

Galaxies, my first Processing app is released.

26 October, 02010

About movies and grown up critisism.

18 October, 02010

Zyn Presets library has had quite a number of submissions - a very good opening stack. Feel free to browse, download and use!

26 September, 02010

One of the things I respect about Richard Stallman.

9 September, 02010

Zyn Presets library is now open for submissions. Anyone can send in their presets made for ZynAddSubFX soft synthesizer to be displayed and available for download to visitors of the site.

31 August, 02010

ModList project launched - selected mod music with my commentaries. List planned to expand with time.

23 August, 02010

Finally, my doom levels page is not empty anymore. If you like playing custom WADs, mine might be worthy enough to entertain you a bit!

20 August, 02010

webarchive project launched.

16 August, 02010

Tranquility - the second Houseman LP. Put together with GNU/Linux.

22 July, 02010

Commenting recent stuff by RSM and Eben Moglen.

22 July, 02010

Linux: Why one might not want to renew his annual FSF membership.

21 July, 02010

Linux Audio: E-MU 0404 USB.

16 July, 02010

CAP Timeline updated.

6 July, 02010

CAP Timeline updated.

6 July, 02010

Authorship: Constructive criticism of my article by Paul Davis.

16 June, 02010

Inside an Echo Chamber v.I released - a live performance, recorded for LAC2010. Made with free software only, using Kluppe, Rakarrack, Ladish and Ardour. KORG nanoKontrol as a midi controller.

10 June, 02010

Is iPad a Star Trek technology?

9 June, 02010

Linux Audio: The modular experience.

9 June, 02010

Linux Audio: Why I strongly support Ladish.

8 June, 02010

Some additions to Linux Audio articles: explaining terms acoustic and electronic music in context of music making approach and also a bit about soundfont players on GNU/Linux.

11 May, 02010

A bundle of DRM free games you can buy for Linux. You set your own price! Among the offers are World of Goo and Samorost2! More about it.

6 May, 02010

Linux Audio: Next chapter in the book of echoes.

5 May, 02010

LAC2010 report (sort of).

27 April, 02010

Linux Audio: Tools for an electronic musician.

26 April, 02010

Playing NES! Using FCEU.

25 April, 02010

Preparing for my performances at LAC2010. Look at it here.

28 March, 02010

New album released, Radiogram.

4 March, 02010

CBL, the Common Borrowed Language, is now online.

7 December, 02009

New album released, Life In The Troposphere. To download, click here.

1 December, 02009

Removed the microblog. Useless thing and a waste of time, at least for my workflow. But it was fun to try it out.

28 September, 02009

I would like to draw attention to an interesting music competition run by the SoOn label. Please, find the details here: The $35 2009 SoOn Compo. As it is seen from the name of the compo, it offers monetary prizes. Main idea is that you can write any composition but you have to use some of the provided samples. I highly encourage everybody to participate!

28 September, 02009

Completed my switch to GNU/Linux. Currently I am on Ubuntu 9.04, for music mostly use LMMS, latest version from git (which is much more stable than the one in the repository). The only thing left to do (and the only thing I miss from Windows) are my Tape Loops programms. They do not run well under Wine, so I'll have to rewrite them for Linux + this is my chance to use a libre audio library.

7 September, 02009

I have added a microblog. Now you can follow some of the recent activities of the workshop. To subscribe via RSS feeds, visit http://identi.ca/louigiverona/all

16 August, 02009

Public beta of Tape Loops 8 released. This time you have 8 tracks and a synchronizer.

28 June, 02009

More updates to Tape Loops 1 - most importantly the random play function, and finally wrote a full description.

20 June, 02009

Latest version of Tape Loops 1 is released. Now it features synchronization, keyboard control and bug fixes.

14 June, 02009

Presenting a new album! It is called Pop Music! and is a compilation of melodic works most of which were written throughout 2006-2008.

9 June, 02009

A quick follow up versions of Tape Loops is available - added panning control, on the fly loop/once switch and fixed a buffer issue.

7 June, 02009

First version of Tape Loops 1 is out. Already functional enough to be useful.

6 June, 02009

I became an Associate member of the Free Software Foundation.

23 June, 02009

Site online.

17 June, 02009

Work on louigiverona.com has started.