Louigi Verona's Workshop

Current projects:

  • Perfectionist is in the process of being ported to Phaser. This will allow the game to be scalable to any screens, as well as make the game ready for native mobile app releases. ETA: April 2019
  • A website for Perfectionist, featuring information about the game, rules, strategy and a bunch of other things, including access to the full database of all rated boards. ETA: April 2019
  • Phantom 100, the first phantom game, has been completed and is being prepared for a release. ETA: Spring 2019
  • First album of minimal house music, Berlin Songbook Vol. 2 is being prepared for release. ETA: Spring-Summer 2019
  • The book on Richard Stallman's philosophy is in the process of being edited to be prepared for a re-release and possible publication. ETA: 2019

23 Mar, 2019
Perfectionist updates: the score is now saved on the server, setting a bar for all the players. The client has been significantly revamped as well. The project is now in active development.

10 Mar, 2019
15 Orbs of Voltor released, a unique 2D maze game for Windows and Linux.

17 Feb, 2019
First Continent released, my foray into ambient tribal music.

04 Feb, 2019
A new mini-project added, The Void: a crossover between a game and a strange art installation. Your goal is to advance in rank by... waiting. But there is a catch!

20 Jan, 2019
A new step in the evolution of project "droning": all tracks have been remastered, each track has been given a title, all mp3s and flacs have been updated with correct metadata.