Louigi Verona's Workshop

Currently active projects:

  • A new ambient/tribal album "Nocturnal Creatures" is in the works. ETA: Summer 2019
  • The "workbook" project is now called Obsurity Portal, and is receiving an overhaul. I am also setting up a routine to add a page per day. The effort will probably last throughout summer. ETA: ongoing
  • First album of minimal house music, Berlin Songbook Vol. 2 is being prepared for release. ETA: Summer 2019
  • The book on Richard Stallman's philosophy is in the process of being edited to be prepared for a re-release and possible publication. ETA: 2019

21 Jul, 2019
Started my centurial calendar.

18 May, 2019
Phantom 100 is released. This finally concludes my 2 year mission to complete and release all games started with Game Editor, a 2D game framework which is, unfortunately, no longer maintained. Phantom 100 also marks the introduction of a class of phantom games that I am going to be working on for years to come.

05 May, 2019
The Perfectionist Portal is online. Not really a portal at the moment, but all the Perfectionist info is now going to published there.

30 Apr, 2019
The new Perfectionist app has been released, replacing the old one. A roadmap for next steps is being developed.

23 Mar, 2019
Perfectionist updates: the score is now saved on the server, setting a bar for all the players. The client has been significantly revamped as well. The project is now in active development.