Louigi Verona's Workshop

23 Mar, 2019
Perfectionist updates: the score is now saved on the server, setting a bar for all the players. The client has been significantly revamped as well. The project is now in active development.

10 Mar, 2019
15 Orbs of Voltor released, a unique 2D maze game for Windows and Linux.

17 Feb, 2019
First Continent released, my foray into ambient tribal music.

04 Feb, 2019
A new mini-project added, The Void: a crossover between a game and a strange art installation. Your goal is to advance in rank by... waiting. But there is a catch!

20 Jan, 2019
A new step in the evolution of project "droning": all tracks have been remastered, each track has been given a title, all mp3s and flacs have been updated with correct metadata.