Louigi Verona's Workshop

Questions and Answers addressing several key topics of my interest. I believe this format is a more accessible way to speak about complex subjects.

Questions and Answers are being updated often. Feel free to send in your questions and counter-arguments.

Blockchain is an incredibly clever idea. Unfortunately, it is hardly useful for anything in the real world. Disagree? Read the Q&A below!

Blockchain Q&A

Although no longer fashionable, telekinesis was one of the purported paranormal abilities studied by parapsychologists. To this day some people still believe that it's real. This Q&A addresses their common arguments.

Telekinesis Q&A

As I do not hide the fact that I am an atheist, sometimes believers would come up to me to discuss questions of religion and atheism. This Religion Q&A helps clear up several standard contentions.

Religion Q&A - coming soon

I am a free software supporter, but also a vocal critic of the FLOSS philosophy as laid out by Richard Stallman. My work "On the justification of the four freedoms" is a key treatise on the topic and, to my knowledge, the only direct response to Stallman's writings. Since its publication I have received a number of questions that I am covering in this Q&A.

Free Software Q&A - coming soon

Critical thinking is the basis of how one should approach claims about reality. However, our society is largely ignorant of proper epistemology, and beliefs in the supernatural, conspiracy theories and adherence to fringe worldviews are common. This Q&A addresses common misconceptions about what critical thinking is and how it is applied.

Critical thinking Q&A - coming soon